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USDA Loan Calculator

Having a general idea as to how much you qualify for gives you a good head start with every mortgage, including the USDA program.

I made a USDA mortgage calculator that figures everything out for you – all you have to do is put in your income and expenses, and everything will get automatically calculated for you.

Keep in mind, even though these figures below are all very accurate estimates, you should always check with us to make sure of your specific situation.

Fire away and see what you get back!

  • Calculate Your Qualifying Income

  • Enter your gross income. This is BEFORE taxes are taken out. If you want to cross check with USDA income guidelines, click here.
  • Enter your minimum monthly payments to creditors only. Rent and utilities do not count. (Ex. credit cards, student loans, car payment, etc).
  • Confirm Maximum Limits

  • This is the "ideal" maximum amount your monthly payment can be using the current Debt-to-Income requirements from USDA. It can go over this number, but not by much.
  • This is the estimated maximum loan that you will qualify for. Feel free to go back and check the USDA loan limits to see if everything falls in line.
  • Break Down the Numbers

  • Your principal and interest payment. Interest is based off the current average rates.
  • Estimated property taxes divided by 12.
  • Yearly homeowner's insurance divided by 12.
  • See Your Final Payment

    Just like with most mortgage loans, your final payment will roll everything into the final payment (i.e. taxes and insurance)
  • This is your estimated total monthly payment after everything is said and done.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.